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Types of Therapy Services

Developmental/Special Instruction Therapists use play as the avenue for learning. The therapist makes use of exploration of the environment and everyday activities and routines to enhance language, self-help and motor skills, cognitive, pre-academic and social skills.

Speech and Language Therapists help young children improve communication. This includes understanding and use of language, pronunciation of specific speech sounds, voice quality and fluency (stuttering). Other areas of focus can include the physical ability to produce speech and feeding/swallowing issues.

Physical Therapists focus on the evaluation and treatment of movement dysfunction related to gross motor activities, such as posture, mobility and balance. The goal may be to develop muscle strength, increase range of motion, improve coordination or build endurance with the ultimate goal of attaining new motor skills (such as rolling, walking, climbing, and catching.)

Occupational Therapists assist young children who are experiencing difficulties with fine motor, self-help skills and sensory processing issues. This frequently involves pre-scissors, pre-writing, dressing and feeding skills. Children are provided with sensory activities that encourage exploration of various materials, heighten sensory awareness and enhance learning.

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