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Parents Learning Together

Helping parents with developmental disabilities learn the skills necessary to safely and successfully raise their children.

Parents Learning Together (PLT) recognizes that many parents who have developmental disabilities have the capacity to develop competent parenting skills, but need education and guidance. Successful child-rearing depends on a variety of factors--a stable home life, financial resources, and a healthy child-parent relationship are just a few.

Parents Learning Together offers families instruction and guidance in two ways: in a group setting, where families learn together and from each other, and through individual mentoring. Parents learn about all areas of child development and household management and are assisted in securing additional resources they need. Though most children of people with developmental disabilities have no exceptional academic needs, families are also assisted in accessing appropriate educational and developmental services for their children.

Transportation and childcare is provided to allow families to participate in the PLT program. Group sessions meet weekly at the Central Reform Congregation, 5020 Waterman, St. Louis, MO. Map it! Links will open in a new browser window.

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