Your day has begun and out of nowhere something happens that causes you stress. It could be unexpected traffic or maybe you spill coffee on your clothes. It could be something more serious like an accident that triggers your anxiety. How do you react? What do you do to calm down in that moment?

This fall, the St. Louis Arc has partnered with the Webster Groves Recreation Department to offer Awake, Aware, Alive to the public. Awake, Aware, Alive is a six-week health and wellness program which focuses on an individual’s overall well-being. Participants learn how to use strategies and techniques to balance themselves in everyday moments, including how to navigate stressful times.

A Class for Everyone

Each class begins with a conversation to focus one’s energy using visuals, music, and scents. Next the class engages in yoga to stretch and move muscles and joints before practicing meditation. For this class yoga is taught in an inclusive way with modifications for people of all abilities and ages. Finally the class ends with guided mediation so participants can learn to rest in the moment.

Lindsey Moore, a Training Coordinator at the St. Louis Arc leads the Awake, Aware, Alive course. She shared that it is important to practice for times of stress and anxiety when you are not actually stressed or anxious. “Learning to be present, find gratitude, and bring your heart rate down on a day-to-day basis,” says Lindsey, “allows you to be better prepared in a fight or flight situation.”

Sign Up Today

By collaborating with Webster Groves, the Arc is able to provide inclusive leisure activities to a broader group of people. Awake, Aware, Alive is a great program for friends and families to participate together.  Registration for Session II is still open and registration can be completed through the Webster Groves Recreation Department. The six-week program is $75 and all supplies are included.