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A year ago, many of our lives were turned upside down as we settled into life during a pandemic. Throughout the year, our work, school, entertainment, social lives, and even visits with grandma, have all been done using technology. While cell phones and computers have long been a part of our lives, the pandemic has placed technology front and center. This leaves us with the question -how do we manage our digital health?

A New Workshop

Starting in April, Next, the Arc’s transition department, will tackle digital wellness with a new workshop, Awareness in a Digital World. This six-week workshop will give teens and young adults, ages 16-21, the tools to help manage their use of technology and develop healthy habits.

Ryann Cleland, Manager of Transition Services for Next and a certified digital wellness educator, will teach the workshop. Ryann stresses that “technology and digital platforms aren’t all bad; these tools can benefit our daily lives with the proper strategies and thoughtfulness.” Developing healthy boundaries and identifying tools to improve the time we spend using technology can improve our digital well-being.

Sign Up Now

Awareness in a Digital World will be held on Wednesday evenings beginning April 14. This workshop will demonstrate how to use technology and digital tools in the healthiest way. Topics will include managing time, awareness of how we utilize various types of technology daily, how our relationships are affected by technology, and productivity.

Registration is now open for this new workshop and spots are limited. Questions about the workshop or registration can be directed to Ryann Cleland, the Manager of Transition Services.

Needed Tools

As we move forward through, and hopefully past, the pandemic we know technology will continue to be vital. We’ve learned new ways to engage digitally, and we see how these tools can benefit us. Finding the right balance will be key to promote positive mental and physical health for us all.