New St. Louis Arc Website Launches

Dear Friends: Welcome to the new, improved, and mobile-friendly St. Louis Arc website! The launch of this site has been more than a year in the making, and we’re ecstatic to finally share it with you.

Grace Mehan at Duffy's Pub and Grill

Meet Grace

Around the halls of the St. Louis Arc Family Center, Grace Mehan is something of a celebrity. It is not because of her infamous Facebook page, Grace’s Glendale Bus Stop, which has close to 900 “likes”, or even that she was selected by the Huffington Post in April 2012 as their “Greatest Person of the…

Liam and Pumpkins

Meet Liam

Talk to any parent whose child has been diagnosed with a disability and you will hear many of the same emotional descriptions: shock, denial, grief, rage. When their youngest son, Liam, was born in 2011 with Down syndrome, Dan and Rebecca Fields described it as “being dropped off in a foreign country where you don’t…

Mary Beth

Meet Mary Beth

Since moving into the St. Louis Arc’s assisted living community in late 2013, Mary Beth Reese has built an exciting and busy life for herself. At 48-years-young she shares a home with five other ladies, and has immersed herself in many St. Louis Arc programs. Mary Beth takes part in the St. Louis Arc’s Community Integration program,…

Dillon at UMSL

Meet Dillon

Dillon Ohlemiller is your typical 23-year-old. He attends college, enjoys spending time with friends, and is rarely without his iPod or iPhone. When he finishes school in 2016 he has a big plan: to live independently. This is a goal that neither he, nor his parents, could have envisioned two decades ago. When the Ohlemiller…