Give a gift of $1,000 or more and you could receive a 50% tax credit for you gift amount.

Tax Credit

St. Louis Arc has Youth Opportunity Program (YOP) state tax credits available for any individual or business entity with Missouri tax liability that makes a gift of cash or stock of $1,000 or more.
You will receive a 50% tax credit for your gift amount, in addition to the standard federal and state charitable deductions. The net cost to you may be as little as 26 cents on the dollar! Also, you can apply the tax credits to the current year or carry them forward for up to five years.

Example of Tax Credits

YOP Tax Credits


To maximize your tax savings, consider making a gift of appreciated stock that you’ve held for at least a year. You’ll avoid the capital gains tax and still get the deduction for your full gift amount. Gifts may be made by clicking here or by mail c/o St. Louis Arc, 1177 N. Warson, 63132.