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CI is on the move!

The Arc’s CI (community integration) programs will be on the move this summer!  As some of you in the Arc family may have heard, two of our CI sites will be moving to new locations later this summer.  Our current Crestwood and Creve Coeur CI locations will be moving to larger sites. These new site locations will offer more square footage which will allow the Arc to design better spaces around the needs of the program participants. Our new locations will include specialized sensory areas and private changing spaces.

The Crestwood location will be moving to nearby Affton at 96 Grasso Plaza.  Our participants and families who utilize the Crestwood location are excited about moving to a space that is not only much larger, but is also closer to many of their homes.

The Creve Coeur location is moving to 1311 Lindbergh Plaza, which is just two miles from the current site and less than one mile from the Arc’s Centene Family Center. Currently referred to as ‘Sunnen CI’ the Creve Coeur location name will change to ‘Central CI’ once we move into the new location. In addition to moving, the Sunnen site is also undergoing another exciting change. While a majority of our current participants will move over to the Central CI location, a small number will stay at the Sunnen CI location and participate in a new program called Aging with Empowerment (AWE).

The AWE program is designed to better meet the needs of seniors with developmental disabilities as they age and will occupy the space currently being used by CI.  Because some of the current CI participants will participate in the AWE program, there will be an opportunity to bring new participants into the Central CI program.  As the Central CI program will now primarily be supporting
a more active and younger population, there will be even more opportunities for increased community engagement and activities.

At this time, both CI programs are expected to move sometime in mid-August and the AWE program will officially launch in early October.  Each of the spaces will be undergoing extensive renovations prior to moving in, so we will keep you updated if there are any changes to the timeline.

We believe these moves, along with the development of the AWE program, will further support the Arc’s mission of meeting the needs of individuals across all stages of life.