Now, more than ever, it is important to register to vote.

In addition to voting for the next President of the United States, we are also electing senators, representatives, and other important officials. The men and women who win during this election will be the ones to take action towards a more inclusive community. We know that time and time again, funding for services for people with disabilities is the first thing to get cut. Additionally, many candidates don’t even have disability issues on their radar.

What can we do as advocates for disability issues?

First make sure you are registered to vote. The last day to register is October 12. You can visit to register. The St. Louis Arc will also be registering people to vote at the upcoming Arc in the Park on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at Tiemeyer Park.

Next educate yourself on what will be on your ballot November 8.
You can view sample ballots here:
St. Louis City Residents
St. Louis County Residents
St. Charles County Residents

Don’t forget to educate yourself on the candidates themselves. There are many voter guides available to help you through this process. Soon, the St. Louis Arc will be sharing a questionnaire that candidates statewide have completed.

Finally, make sure you know where to go on Election Day. To find your polling place visit

After the elections are over it is important to hold the candidates we elect accountable. To learn more about how you can advocate for yourself or for your loved ones, visit the advocacy section of our website.

Ann Mangelsdorf is the Assistant Director of Family Support & Advocacy and has worked in advocacy for over 35 years. If you have questions about the voting process please feel free to contact Ann at 314-817-2275 or

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