While some children require support for a few weeks, others may need a lifetime of support.

Whatever the case, the St. Louis Arc is committed to helping for as long as there is a need.

Early Intervention TherapyEarly Childhood Intervention Therapy

Child development happens in sequential patterns for the majority of children.  If a child misses a step, it can weaken the foundation for development of higher level skills.  Early intervention therapy helps a child develop higher skills sets for future learning and growth in a child’s life.

In Your Home or In Our Centers

Providing services in a variety of settings helps a child learn and makes it easier on families to implement therapy into their already busy lives. In addition to our center-based therapy, our therapists travel to meet families in their homes or other natural environments in the community. Natural environments may include your child’s daycare, favorite restaurant, or a grandparent’s home – wherever your child feels comfortable spending time.

Types of Therapy Offered: Occupational and Speech and Language

Occupational Therapists assist young children who are experiencing difficulties with sensory processing, fine motor, and self-help skills.

Speech and Language Therapists help young children improve communication.

To schedule an evaluation for Occupational, or Speech Therapy, contact Michelle Fricks, Coordinator of Therapy Services.

Including Parents