Are you leaving the NICU? We can help you transition from the hospital.

Taking your new baby home is exciting and scary, especially when extra support is needed. The Preemie Team of Belle Children’s Services of St. Louis Arc are here to help ease your transition from hospital to home.


Parent Advocate

We help you make sense of this new world and support you as you communicate with doctors, nurses, case coordinators, and us. Our therapists will empower you to ask questions and teach you how to advocate on behalf of your child; helping you choose what is best for your family.

Team Approach

Our team approach to therapy ensures that the needs of the whole child are met. Our occupational, physical, and speech therapists work for Belle Children’s Services of St. Louis Arc and collaborate with each other, so the entire team knows what goals your child is working towards.


To discuss your family’s needs, contact Kate Hannon, Sr. Director, Belle Children’s Services, at 314-817-2257.