The 2019 Spring and Summer Leisure Times is now available! Registration is due by March 15. The Arc’s Leisure team offers many opportunities for teens and adults with disabilities to stay active and engaged.

New this season is the Arc’s Ukulele Club! This new program allows participants to learn a new instrument while promoting social skills and fine motor skills. The club is intended for playing, expressing, and learning to play the ukulele–and will be led by a board certified music therapist. For more information, contact Chelsea Snorton at 314-817-2249.

The Artist in You is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! For the past 10 years, The Artist in You has proved the opportunity for participants to explore art.  Participants work at their own pace on projects with varying degrees of difficulty. In recognition of the 10 year anniversary, the Arc will host a commemorative art show later in the year. Stay tuned for a date and time! If you have questions about Artist in You, please contact Clinton Hall at 314-817-2293.

As always the Leisure team is offering many fun ways to get outside and enjoy the spring and summer weather. From golf and softball to walking club and Meet Up’s, browse the brochure and find a way to make new friends, stay active, and have fun!