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As many of us are aware, Congress and the new administration is currently trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare.  The timing is unclear but the expected vote is to happen before President’s Day, February 20, 2017.

The Issue

Enactment of the ACA was the most significant law for people with disabilities since the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990. The ACA brings comprehensive reforms that benefit Americans with disabilities by prohibiting discrimination based on health status and improving access to care.

How It Affects You

Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities rely on their health coverage to maintain their independence and meet their medical needs. To eliminate the ACA, or to eliminate the ACA without simultaneously replacing it with a functionally equivalent alternative, jeopardizes this progress and puts ongoing access to comprehensive, affordable coverage at risk for people with disabilities.

Learn more about How People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Benefit from ACA

The Arc of the U.S. has created a quick two-page fact sheet to outline how people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Benefit from ACA.  Click here to read more about the ACA and how it affects people with disabilities. If this fight is lost, health care unravels with major impacts on Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security and Supplemental Security Income.

You can make a difference!

We ask that you call your US Congress member and strongly urge them to oppose any repeal of the ACA without a replacement plan that maintains or improves existing coverage and access to healthcare for people with disabilities. Click here for a sample script to help guide you when crafting your own personal message. Here is a link to help you find your US Congress member. If you have any issues getting through to your representative, contact Ann Mangelsdorf at 314-817-2275.

Become an Arc Advocate

Be the first to know when you can help be an Arc Advocate.  When there is a need for action at the local, state, or national level, we’ll send you an email. Contact Ann Mangelsdorf, Assistant Director of Family Supports, to be added to this mailing list.

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    How to effectively contact your representatives | The Art of Autism on February 3, 2017

    […] The elimination of the Affordable Care Act. Many people with disabilities are on the Affordable Care Act. Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities rely on their health coverage to maintain their independence and meet their medical needs. With or without a replacement, these individuals may find themselves unable to afford much higher premiums and unable to afford health care. This could eliminate health care for over 20 million in the United States. Read the ARC’s position here. […]

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      Rebekah Keller on April 21, 2017

      I do not know what I would do without our insurance. We have 4 children one of our triplets that has autism his surgery was 100,000 last year. Him & his older sisters treatments each are 20,000 dollar evety 4 weeks due to a poor immune system.

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