Answering Your Questions: The 5 W’s of the Arc’s Summer Projects

Identifying the right summer camp for a child can be challenging. As your child gets older, fun and impactful summer opportunities for teens can be difficult to find – especially for young adults with disabilities. The St. Louis Arc has been a leader in the field of summer projects for young adults for the past 25 years. Through the Arc’s two summer projects, Teens In Motion and Neighborhood Experiences, teens are able to stay engaged throughout the summer and meet new friends, all while building important social and job skills that can be applied to future employment.

There are still a few spots available in the Arc’s summer projects and registration is still open.

The 5 W’s of the Arc’s Summer Projects

Who: Teens who are returning to school in the fall with an intellectual or development disability. Teens In Motion offers experiences for young adults 13-15. Neighborhood Experiences supports young adults 16-20 in St. Louis County, and 13-20 in St. Louis City. Participants and staff are required to be fully vaccinated.

What: Eight-week summer project which supports teens and young adults in staying engaged and learning social and job skills. Teens begin and end their day at an Arc site before traveling into their community to volunteer. Teens are placed into small groups with staff and other teens to volunteer at various locations of interest to them. Recreational and field trip opportunities are also included in both summer projects.Neighborhood Experiences participant with brown hair and red shirt smiling as she pets a brown dog through a cage

When: Projects run from June 13-August 5, Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm.

Where: Teens In Motion is held at one of two locations in Maplewood or Creve Coeur. Volunteering and recreational activities happen throughout St. Louis. Neighborhood Experiences offers experiences in St. Louis County and St. Louis City. Teens are dropped-off and picked-up at Creve Coeur, Delmar Divine, or Maplewood location and then travel into the community to volunteer for the day.

Why: The Arc’s Summer Projects offer teens the opportunity to build their skills and meet their goals in a fun and individualized way. Through volunteer and recreational experiences, teens are able to explore different work environments while building lasting connections with their peers.

Get the answers to how we train summer staff, how volunteer sites are determined, and more in our Summer Project Q & A.

Youth Pre-Employment Summer Projects

Teens In Motion

Teens In Motion is an adventurous and exciting summer project for St. Louis County residents, ages 13-15, who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. This 8-week project is designed foThree young teens in a car all wearing glasses with their seat belts onr younger teens to become aware of volunteer and employment options in their community. Teens in Motion supports individuals as they gain employment skills, build relationships, and explore opportunities in the community. Staff ratio for Teens In Motion is 1:3. For more information, contact Bri Reyes, Coordinator of Leisure Services, at 314-817-2250.

Neighborhood Experiences

Neighborhood Experiences supports participants as they engage in volunteer and work experiences, while achieving personal and career goals. Individuals will meet new friends, expand their social network, and create a professional resume and portfolio.  This summer project serves St. Louis County residents 16-20 and St. Louis City residents 13-20, who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Staff ratio for Neighborhood Experiences is 1:1 to 1:3. For more information, contact Clinton Hall, Coordinator of Leisure Services, at 314-817-2293.

Register Today

To register for Teens in Motion, please contact Bri Reyes, Coordinator of Leisure Services, at 314-817-2250.

To register for Neighborhood Experiences, please contact Clinton Hall, Coordinator of Leisure Services, at 314-817-2293.