Childgarden teacher playing with child

Celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week

During the first full week in May, the National Education Association (NEA) celebrates National Teacher Appreciation Week.

The celebration, according to the NEA, has two main goals:

  1. Thank America’s teachers for their commitment to students and for their work to create great public schools for every student.
  2. Encourage talented and committed individuals to consider the rewarding and intellectually demanding profession of teaching.

At the St. Louis Arc we are truly appreciative of our 32 teachers at Childgarden Early Childhood Center, and all of the teachers who make a difference in the lives of children. These teachers are here for our children every day, and work to make sure every child is accepted. With over 100 children at the center, the teachers are instrumental in making this inclusive childcare center a welcoming place for all children.

The teachers at the center also recognize the importance of the parents and families. “The dedicated teachers at Childgarden work to build good relationships with parents”, says Debbie Schmitz, Center Director. “They work to actively communicate with the parents, so they can work as a team to foster children’s success.”

Thank you to our teachers. You are truly appreciated by the children in your classrooms, by their parents, and by your co-workers.

“Teachers are inspirational – every day they have the opportunity to nurture the minds of young people. They foster the growth of thought and creativity in those they teach. We all remember teachers who inspired us most. Childgarden teachers are the first to inspire the children we serve and they set the standard by which all future teachers of that child will be measured.”

-Mark A. Keeley, President and CEO St. Louis Arc

Join the Childgarden Family

If you are interested in making a difference in the life of a child, contact our recruitment team to learn more about careers at Childgarden.