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Volunteer Appreciation Week – April 16-20

Volunteers play many important roles at the St. Louis Arc. The largest and most visible group of volunteers are those working in a direct support role. This group is made up of compassionate and fun-loving individuals that regularly socialize with the people we support, and facilitate fun activities out in the community. Our volunteers coach and play alongside participants in our sports leagues; collaborate with teachers on classroom activities for kids with disabilities; assist participants with expressing themselves through art, music and dance; and spread the message of inclusion by joining social outings and building strong friendships.

We have other volunteers who support the Arc through indirect support roles that have a great impact on the services we provide. Indirect support volunteering includes office work, helping at special events, hosting fundraisers, or serving on a committee; anything that does not involve working directly with our participants. The Arc’s fundraisers and special events would not be able to achieve the same level of success without the help of our volunteers. These events not only bring in much-needed revenue to fund the services we provide, but also help strengthen our relationships with people in the community. Our Board of Directors, Committee Members, and Young Friends Board all help guide the agency in their respective areas of expertise, raise awareness of our services, and help make community connections that directly benefit the people we support.

In addition, there are volunteers with special skills or expertise that host workshops or classes for people we support, including helping individuals with a developmental or intellectual disability do their taxes or assisting with financial planning for an individual with a disability.

Thank You

All of the volunteer roles are essential to our mission, and without the support we receive from the community, the Arc would not be able to provide the high quality services we consistently provide to our participants and their families. Thank you for continuing to be a part of the Arc!

For more information on volunteering contact us at (314) 817-2234.

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