Transitions can bring feelings of joy, fear, nervousness, or uncertainty. As we transition to a new year, the Arc would like to highlight the ways we support individuals and families during transitional periods of their lives.


This past fall, the Family Support team welcomed Julie Thompkins in the new role of Family Navigator. In this role, Julie focuses on supporting families with young children between the ages of 0-12.  There are many transitions for families in the early years, from a new diagnosis to a new school, and the Family Navigator is available to provide guidance. With dozens of programs available, Julie can help connect families with the most appropriate resources at the Arc, including parent cafes, workshops, and support groups. Additionally, Julie is able to help navigate families through the many community resources available in the area. For more information, please contact Julie Thompkins, Family Navigator, at 314-817-2269.

Young Adults

As you move from your teenage years to young adulthood so much excitement whirls in your head as you prepare for the real world. The Arc supports individuals as they take the next step, whether it is getting a job, living on your own, attending a community engagement program, or participating in a post-secondary program. With so many options, Transition Services at the Arc assists individuals and families with identifying what those next steps are. Recognizing your true passions and goals. These can be accomplished through various outlets including individual meetings and phone calls, Meetup groups, and various Arc services. Connecting individuals and families with the appropriate resources can be the key to successfully navigating this key transitional time. Because this transition can be such a challenge for an individual and family, the Arc has recently identified a Director of Transition Services to focus on young adults age 16-25. For more information, contact Gabrielle Szarek, Director of Transition Services, at 314-817-2255.

Aging Adults

Many adults begin anticipating changes in their lives as they start to age. Changes often include preparing for retirement or adjusting to retirement life, foreseeing changes in their health, or the need for more adaptable living arrangements. Often these changes occur, regardless of our desires for them to happen. Getting older offers many opportunities for change, some predictable and some sudden. The Arc supports individuals and families as they begin this transition. Mary Anne Tolliver, Director of Aging Services, is available to assist individuals and families to identify options for the future, from housing to community resources.  For more information, contact Mary Anne Tolliver at 314-817-2218.

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