Advocate for yourself in any situation.

What is Self-Advocacy?

The term “self-advocate” can seem like a scary concept. Some people imagine long time commitments, or marches to Jefferson City. However, what it truly means is having the right to speak up and discuss things that affect you. Sometimes these are uncomfortable conversations with people who are considered experts. However, if you do not express what is important to you, no one else will know. This could include asking your doctor questions, following up with your case worker about funding for programs, or talking with your teacher about your future goals.

The St. Louis Arc offers a variety of ways for you to strengthen yourself advocacy skills, so that you can become your best advocate.

Social Justice Committee

The St. Louis Arc’s Social Justice Committee is a group of individuals with developmental disabilities and their allies who meet monthly to discuss and act on community and legislative issues impacting our lives at the local, state, and national level.  To attend our next meeting, contact
Ann Mangelsdorf, Assistant Director of Family Support & Advocacy, at 314-817-2275.

Man holding a sign

Flash Mob

Every March, in conjunction with the national “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign, St. Louis Arc participants, staff, and community members join together for a flash mob. Self-advocates work in collaboration to choose a song and learn a choreographed dance. They then visit local schools, corporations, and community spaces, and perform their routine, while spreading the message of inclusion. Contact Sharon Spurlock, Director Family Supports, at 314-817-2222 to join the fun.


Missouri ABLE Accounts

Missouri ABLE Accounts are now available for people with disabilities. This tool can help people save money, without penalties to their Medicaid benefits. Learn more about how you can plan and save for your future.