We work with residents and their families to prepare for the final stage of their lives.

The St. Louis Arc provides quality services that span a lifetime, but what happens when the people we support retire and their health declines? Addressing end-of-life care can often make families anxious and can be difficult to discuss. The St. Louis Arc is here to support our residents and their families as they tackle this challenging topic.

Trained Staff

Throughout the year, St. Louis Arc staff receives continuous training on how to advocate for a resident when they are at a doctor’s appointment, how to determine nutrition and diet guidelines, as well as the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Additionally, staff are counseled on how to assist the residents when they encounter any kind of grief or loss.


The St. Louis Arc provides counseling to our residents regarding change, loss, and grieving. This includes:

  • Supporting grieving residents as they encounter the death of a family member, friend, or roommate
  • Assisting residents with declining health, or a terminal diagnosis
  • Adapting to a slower-paced lifestyle


The St. Louis Arc has a long-standing relationship with Maryville University’s College of Health Professions, Visiting Nurse Association, and the St. Louis chapter of Alzheimer’s Association. These partnerships have allowed us to provide training for staff, in-home occupational and physical therapy, as well as music therapy classes.

To learn more about the St. Louis Arc’s Residential Services, contact Mary Anne Tolliver, Director of Aging Services, at 314-817-2218.