Finding your way afterhigh schoolisa challengingtransition for many young adults.



Whether you are preparing to leave high school, or are already in the “real world,” the St. Louis Arc can help. Depending upon your goals, our programs can assist you to:

  • Learn how to live independently
  • Define immediate and long term goals
  • Connect with your community
  • Improve social skills to make friends and build relationships


Next provides focused, impactful supports for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they prepare for their future. AAs a department within the St. Louis Arc, Next provides various programs which support individuals navigate what is next in their lives.The support offered in Next is centered on what is needed by the individual. Through skill building, goal development, and social activities, young adults are able to identify and work toward their goals. From an extra nudge in the right direction to classes that teach living skills, we will help you identify whats Next.

Instructional Programs

Build skills to support you reaching your goals through individualized and group classes.

Connections and Resources

Meet new people, learn new skills, and explore your community with a variety of recreational and socialization activities, volunteer opportunities, and employment services.

Family Support

Utilizing workshops and support groups family members learn from their children, other families, and experts in the field. The hope for family members in this transition
stage is to learn how to move from the caregiver role to the advisor role.


The Pre-Independent Supportive Living Arrangement (Pre-ISLA) program guides adults, ages 18 and up, as they begin their path to living independently. This program offers 1-on-1 support for individuals interested in moving out on their own in the future. Through Pre-ISLA, individuals work on skills to get them ready to move out on their own and live independently. For more information on these programs, contact Beth Moeller, Director of Community Living at 314-817-2271.