Helping people stay active after retirement.

The St. Louis Arc is committed to supporting people as they age. We coordinate activities that enhance an individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and social well-being. For residents who may be retiring, the St. Louis Arc can help establish a new routine for their day, week, and month.

A woman cooks vegetables in a hot plate.

An older woman sits in a wheelchair with a man standing behind her. They hold hands over her shoulder and smile.

An older man sits in front of a computer with headphones on watching a basketball game.

Aging With Empowerment (AWE)

Aging With Empowerment (AWE) is a program that empowers older adults with disabilities to live the active life of their choosing. AWE offers a wide range of opportunities to explore interests and build relationships. Most importantly, staff ensure the supports needed to be successful are in place. The goal of the AWE program is to provide participants engagement opportunities which can add structure and purpose to their day.

With three convenient locations in Maplewood, Creve Coeur, and North County, AWE offers activities Monday through Friday with flexible start times to cater to individual’s schedules. Aging adults are empowered to live the life they want, while staying healthy and involved. Three older men pose in front of a farmers marketIndividuals are offered a choice of activities that enhance their physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, and social well-being. Participants enjoy activities which allow them to:

  • socialize with friends
  • maintain and grow hobbies
  • actively engage in their community
  • participate in educational and cultural sessions

Additionally, AWE is committed to providing informed memory care, mobility, and medical supports. To learn more about the program, or schedule a tour at one of the sites, please email [email protected].