Family Navigation

The Arc strives to assist people in finding the right resources, whether offered internally or externally. The Arc has identified several key staff, Family Navigators, to provide guided support throughout the lifespan. These staff members help individuals and families navigating the many systems and resources available.

How a Navigator Can Support You and Your Family

The navigator’s goal is to provide people with much needed support in discovering the information they need, connecting with peers, and obtaining resources and services that will benefit the family. Additionally a Navigator can offer:

  • Resource information specific to your family’s needs
  • Referral to supporting programs within the Arc and within the community
  • Connection with peers through support groups and direct connections
  • Advocacy and navigation of IEP’s and school processes as well as ISP’s
  • Identification of care options
  • Options to expand your circles of support
  • Navigation of the Department of Mental Health (DMH), Medicaid waivers, and funding options
  • Access to provider lists and support in referrals
  • Support in determining what programs to apply to and how (considering wait lists, timelines, eligibility)

When to Meet with a Navigator

The Arc encourages families and individuals to connect with a navigator as you transition between ages or programs, or if you just have a general question of support. The Arc continues to identify new ways to support people with disabilities and their families in living their best lives.

Get Started

Contact a Family Navigator to discuss your goals and find the available resources.

Families of Children ages 0 – 11

Lee Anna Sanders, Family Navigator, at [email protected] or 314-941-1640

Individuals 12-18 and Their Families

Hannah Satterwhite, Family Navigator, at [email protected] or 314-941-1642

Adults 19-29

Cait Carr, Transition Navigator, at [email protected] or 314-941-1433

Adults 30+

Marquita Warner, Family Navigator, at [email protected] or 314-941-0755

Older Adults and Individuals Searching for Residential Support

Mary Anne Tolliver, Director of Aging & Residential Navigation, at [email protected] or 314-817-2218