Parents Learning Together (PLT)

Parenting and heading a household is a challenge for anyone, but when youre a parent with an intellectual or developmental disability, the need for parenting support and education is critical. Parents Learning Together (PLT) helps parents who have intellectual or developmental disabilities to safely and successfully raise their children and to support the childrens health, education and development.

Helping Families Succeed

Through Parents Learning Together, the St. Louis Arc helps parents create a healthy family environment and foster positive emotional, cognitive, and physical development in their children.PLT provides both center-based instruction and home-based mentoring and support to each family, utilizing the evidence-based Nurturing Parenting curriculum for instruction in key areas:A woman and two boys posing for the camera.

  • Positive discipline
  • First aid
  • Health care
  • Nutrition
  • Communication
  • Family planning
  • Personal hygiene
  • AIDS/STD prevention
  • Personal & child safety

Building Networks

PLT supports parents in building their own networks to succeed long-term. Support is offered in-person at Delmar DivINe, in the home, and virtually. Participants in PLT receive instruction and guidance in several ways:A

  • Group sessions where families learn together and from each other
  • Individualized mentoring and instruction in the home from PLT staff
  • Community family outings offering networking opportunities with peers
  • Small group Parent Cafe discussions

Learn more about PLT through this video.
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PLT connects parents with peers and with other resources, including job placement services, public assistance, education, and assistance providing food and shelter.Contact us today at 314-454-1377 to learn how to get started with Parents Learning Together.