Helping families get the support they need to care for their loved ones at home.

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 Help in the Home

In-Home Residential Support (Respite)

If you are a family member caring for a child or adult with an intellectual or developmental disability, St. Louis Arc’s ARCH program (Assistance with Residential Care in the Home) can give you the extra support you need. ARCH, also referred to as “respite”, reimburses primary caregivers at a standard rate for short-term relief services they receive either in their own home, or in the home of a care provider.  The ARCH program is available only to families living in St. Louis County or St. Louis City at this time.

As a registered ARCH participant, you’ll qualify for a specified number of in home support hours annually—when you decide to use them is up to you. You can choose anyone whom you feel is qualified to be a care provider, as long as he or she does not live in your home, and is not a parent or stepparent of the person who needs care. In addition the provider must be 16 or older if providing services in St. Louis County and 18 or older if providing services in St. Louis City. If you do not already have someone to provide short-term care, registered families can log into the community and access our care provider listing to find potential caregivers in your area.

For new families:

To apply for ARCH Services, you must meet the following guidelines:

  • You must be the primary caregiver for a person with a diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability who lives in his or her natural home.
  • Documentation of diagnosis will be required.
  • The person’s natural home must be located in St. Louis County or St. Louis City.



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