The St. Louis Arc provides a variety of workshops and live Q & A sessions throughout the year for participants, families, and community members. Many are archived online to view at any time.

Archived St. Louis Arc Workshops and Q & A Sessions

The St. Louis Arc’s Family Support department creates and distributes unique content to support families, caregivers, and individuals with a disability. Live workshops and question and answer sessions are held throughout the month to answer questions about programs, funding, common challenges in the community, and more.

In an effort to make workshops and Q&A sessions more accessible and convenient for all, session are recorded and posted to the Arc’s YouTube channel and Facebook Live. YouTube recordings feature timestamps to allow individuals to identify and hop to specific topics of interest or return to a section if unable to view the entire recording at once.

To view the timestamps, click the down arrow by the video title (mobile viewers) or “SHOW MORE” under the description (desktop viewers). Then just click on the blue numerical timestamp to jump to that section. Please subscribe to the Arc’s YouTube channel to receive an alert when a new video has been uploaded.

For questions or further information regarding workshops, please contact Brianne Smith, Information Manager of Family Support, at 314-817-2216.