The St. Louis Arc provides a variety of workshops throughout the year for participants, families, and community members. If you were unable to attend a workshop in person, please review the following helpful handouts.

Archived St. Louis Arc Workshops

Life By Design – Planning for the Future Using the Life Course Tools

Planning for the future will help you to move towards a life that YOU CHOOSE – not something that is chosen out of desperation or random circumstances. Review tools from the Missouri Family to Family project to clarify your vision of a great future and take steps to move in the right direction.

Estate Planning 101

Learn ways to plan financially for your family. Topics include avoiding probate, estate tax planning, creditor protection, wills, and planning for the distribution of property and assets, including charitable giving. This workshop is for anyone who is caring for a family member with a developmental disability of any age.

Residential Road to an Informed Decision

A short guide to choosing the right residential service provider for you.


Workshop Handouts and Resources from Spring 2018

Focusing on a “Good Life” for Persons with Disabilities and Their Families

MO Able Accounts

Planning Ahead Estate Planning

Residential Options

Special Needs Trust

State and Federal Benefits

Tiny Baby, Small Budget, Smart Mama


For questions or further information regarding workshops, please contact Brianne Smith, Information Coordinator of Family Support, at 314-817-2216.