Advocating for yourself or a loved one is something you do daily, whether you realize it or not.

St. Louis Arc Advocacy

How you communicate with doctors, teachers, or community partners about what you need to be successful is advocating.  You also advocate by ensuring your voice is heard by those who make public policy.

The St. Louis Arc encourages all members of our community to advocate for what is right. The term we like to use is Arc Advocate.

An Arc Advocate is anyone who is willing to:

  • Identify their state and federal legislators
  • Call or write their legislator when an issue regarding services for their family member is impacted
  • Follow up with a thank you when something positive has occurred that was the result of a legislator’s efforts
  • Host or attend meetings at a family member’s home or in the community to discuss issues impacting you or your family member with disabilities

Self AdvocateAs an Arc Advocate you will:

  • Receive legislative alerts asking you to contact your legislators about issues impacting people with developmental disabilities
  • Host a small meeting at your home or in your community with other families to educate legislators about issues affecting people with developmental disabilities
  • Be invited to meetings where legislators are present
  • Receive information and guidance as needed to help you be effective

To become an Arc Advocate contact [email protected].