New to our community? Searching for general information about intellectual and developmental disabilities? This a great place to start!

Factsheets and FAQ’s

Checklist for the First 21

A checklist for parents to review throughout the first 21 years of their child’s life. Complete with resources and suggestions for a successful childhood and transition to adulthood.

FAQ’s About Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

The St. Louis Arc answers general questions about developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Knowing Your Rights

A guide, for individuals with developmental disabilities, to understanding rights and responsibilities.

LifeCourse Guides

Since 2013, the St. Louis Arc has partnered with Missouri Family to Family to utilize their Charting the LifeCourse tools. These tools support individuals and family members to clarify their vision of a great future and identify steps to move them in the right direction. The attached guides are a great first step for individuals and families to begin discussing questions, concerns, and common experiences in various life domains: Early Childhood, School Age, Transition to Adulthood, Adulthood, and Aging. In addition to the guides, the Arc offers free workshops throughout the year which utilize LifeCourse materials.

Social Security Benefits and Employment Tip Sheet

Tips and resources for beneficiaries.