We provide quality living arrangements for adults with developmental disabilities.

One of the most significant questions that adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families face is the question of where to live. Creating an effective and person-centered residential service plan may seem overwhelming. It is important to remember that the St. Louis Arc offers several different kinds of residential services. We provide supports that promote independence, and ensure a safe, healthy environment for adults with disabilities.

Man standing in his kitchenCommunity-Based Homes

Community-based homes are located throughout St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and St. Charles where individuals receive 24 hour support while sharing an apartment or home with others. Residents of community-based homes are encouraged to participate as members in their local communities. To learn more about the St. Louis Arc’s Residential Services, contact Mary Anne Tolliver, Director of Aging Services, at 314-817-2218.

Trained Staff

The St. Louis Arc offers ongoing staff training and education to meet the health and safety needs of residents. Every resident has unique needs and the St. Louis Arc sees the value in adapting and tailoring staff training to meet the needs of each individual and each home environment.

How to Get Started

While opportunities exist for private pay services, most people who receive residential services secure funding through the Department of Mental Health Medicaid Waiver Program. The first step to receiving residential services is to contact the St. Louis Regional Office. A Regional Office service coordinator will work with you and your family to obtain funding and to research and select a service provider that can meet your needs.

Once funding is secured and your referral is activated, the St. Louis Arc’s Residential Services staff will work with you to better understand the services offered and get acquainted. If it is a good opportunity for all and you choose to accept the services offered by the St. Louis Arc, we will work with you and your Regional Office support coordinator to plan the transition to your new service and supports.

Additional Residential Options

The St. Louis Arc’s Dautel Circle Homes are for aging adults who are in need of 24-hour support.

The St. Louis Arc also offers options for younger and older adults. Our Independent Supported Living Arrangements (ISLA) offers an option for St. Louis County Residents to receive limited support in their own home or apartment. For more information on these programs, contact Beth Moeller, Director of Community Living at 314-817-2271.