How Do I Volunteer?

The St. Louis Arc has a simple four-step process for becoming a volunteer. Traditionally, this process can be completed within a week or longer depending on the completion of the background check:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Eligibility Form
  2. Submit a new volunteer application
  3. Attend virtual volunteer orientation
  4. Submit to a background screening for people over the age of 18. A reference screening will be conducted for people under the age of 18.

Possible Volunteer Opportunities

“The Artist in You” Assistants

Help people explore hidden artistic talents and express themselves through art! Volunteers provide assistance to individuals as they develop their artistic skills.

Book Club

The Next Chapter Book Club provides adults with disabilities the opportunity to read, learn to read, talk about books, and make friends in a fun community setting. Volunteers have the opportunity to facilitate reading for individuals of varying abilities and engage readers in conversations about the book and relate to similar experiences. Book Clubs meet in four locations: Ladue, Crestwood, and Des Peres.

Bowling Leagues

Volunteers are needed to assist bowlers with score keeping, order of bowling, communicating equipment problems to Program Leader or bowling alley representative, and having fun!

Walking Club

Volunteers are needed to lead pre and post walking stretches and to explore various St. Louis area parks with participants. Last year, the St. Louis Arc Walking Club took over 600,000 steps! That’s about 300 miles!

Cooking for Comfort

Participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities enjoy hands-on experience in the kitchen, while learning how to prepare easy, delicious meals. An experienced cooking instructor will assist participants in preparing tasty dishes. Volunteers will assist the instructor in teaching adults with disabilities, age 16 and older, how to cook a variety of recipes.

Dance Chaperones

Dances are for adults 18 years and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Volunteers will set-up, check-in dancers, collect money, serve refreshments, assist people with the food line, and clean-up. During the dance, volunteers are encouraged to socialize and dance with participants.

Yoga & Meditation

This Yoga class is designed to teach participants Yoga poses. The benefits from this class include increased flexibility and muscle strength, weight reduction, improved respiration, energy, vitality, and overall better quality of life. A certified Yoga instructor will lead this class. Volunteers will assist participants in instruction and movements, and help those participating at home to monitor the virtual set up.

Bounce Forward

Bounce Forward events provide opportunities for young adults to network with peers looking to find a friend, a roommate, an apartment, or who want to start thinking about their future. Each month, the group hosts an event at a local event/location or Arc program location.

For additional opportunities contact the Volunteer Manager.