Our core values of respect, collaboration, and empowerment drive everything we do. 

Our mission is to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to lead better lives by providing a lifetime of high-quality services, family support and advocacy. We work hard to provide the kind of individualized services that can really help make a difference to an adult… to a child… to a family. Services provided are designed to maximize choice and to support people, as they build quality lives within the St. Louis community.

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Inclusion is Powerful

Shortly after Adeline Liss was born, her parents, John and Lisa, knew Adeline needed extra support. A friend who needed similar support for their child introduced the family to Belle Children’s Services, where six-month-old Adeline received vital early childhood therapies. Though they would not receive a diagnosis for her rare chromosomal condition until she was…

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

For many years now, my family sets aside time during family gatherings for “Roses and Thorns.” This is an opportunity for everyone who wants to participate, to share all the good things in their lives – the roses, and all the struggles in their lives – the thorns. There is no judgment in these discussions,…

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