Our core values of respect, collaboration, and empowerment drive everything we do. 

Our mission is to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to lead better lives by providing a lifetime of high-quality services, family support and advocacy. We work hard to provide the kind of individualized services that can really help make a difference to an adult… to a child… to a family. Services provided are designed to maximize choice and to support people, as they build quality lives within the St. Louis community.

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It’s Game time! Join the Arc at the St. Louis Cardinals game on April 22. $11 of every ticket goes directly to the St. Louis Arc Leisure Services scholarship fund. Bring the family or sponsor a ticket for an Arc participant.


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Job Coaching through Supported Employment
Recognizing Great Employees

The St. Louis Arc is the provider of choice for many individuals with disabilities when it comes to employment. The Arc’s Supported Employment team works with individuals through pre-employment, job discovery, exploration, development, coaching, and retention. The goal of our work is to help an individual not just find a job, but begin and excel…

Katharine Rug
Ask the Dietitian

A newly released study states that “people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have poorer health outcomes and are more at risk for a number of secondary health conditions compared to nondisabled people.” (Friedman, 2019)  This year the St. Louis Arc has set a goal of implementing a broad Nutrition Initiative focused on promoting healthy eating…

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