Two young men laugh while talking in a group setting

The Community Engagement (CE) team is excited to announce several changes and the expansion of services. CE is expanding its day program to include an additional Aging With Empowerment (AWE) site and a new day program called LIFT (Learning Independence For Tomorrow). The LIFT program will offer intensive skill-building to individuals needing additional support managing their behaviors. Along with our current South County CE site, these additional programs will be moving to  our new “South Hub” in Maplewood. The hub will offer various programs, training, and office space for use across the St. Louis Arc. The Arc intends to begin offering supports from this location in January 2022. 

Learning Independence for Tomorrow (LIFT) is a unique new day program. Using a variety of strategies, LIFT works with individuals to help them develop skills to learn to manage their behaviors. LIFT offers intensive skill-building based on person-centered goals, learning styles, and preferences. Individuals in the program have the opportunity to develop skills both on-site and in the community through engagement, volunteering, and leisure activities. LIFT also offers low support ratios so individuals can develop the foundation necessary to pursue more traditional day programs and supported employment. 

Individuals help determine their person-centered goals. These goals may include developing increased ability to regulate emotions; the use of appropriate communication skills through exposure to social situations; learning to communicate wants/needs more independently; learning to engage with their community appropriately; and being able to be supported successfully in a group ratio. 

To learn more about LIFT, please contact Jessica Gantner, Assistant Director, at 314-810-1181 or [email protected] to discuss how your loved one could grow and build skills.