Voting Registration

Election Day is on November 3 and the deadline to register to vote in Missouri is October 7. Use the power of your vote to have your voice heard! We encourage everyone to check your voter registration to ensure you are registered. What is Your Plan? Now is the time to make your voting plan….

Ask the Expert Kerry Magro

Ask the Expert

The St. Louis Arc is honored to host a question and answer session with Dr. Kerry Magro on October 14, 2020. Dr. Kerry Magro is an award-winning professional speaker, best-selling author and autism consultant to the HBO series Mrs. Fletcher that aired last Fall. He started professional speaking 9 years ago via the National Speakers Association and has spoken at over 900 events during that time.

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What’s Happening

Podcasts, webinars, online meetings, Zoom scavenger hunts, virtual game nights. The current offering of programs from the St. Louis Arc not only brings about a new vocabulary but is also bringing a new or renewed interest in the agency’s events. Whether you are new to the Arc or are just having trouble maintaining your new…

Family Support in a Time of Need

The Arc’s Family Support team is committed to connecting families with resources and providing opportunities for support and growth. Not even a pandemic could stop them from being a support system for the many families throughout the Arc community. From talking to overwhelmed family members to offering virtual workshops and support groups, the Arc is…

teen volunteering during the summer

Planning for 2020

It is difficult to think about summer with snow covering the ground, but for families with teens and young adults planning early for summer programming is important. Summer programs for individuals with disabilities have limited spaces and they fill up quickly. We invite family members to attend the Arc’s first workshop of 2020 – Summer…


Inclusion is Powerful

Shortly after Adeline Liss was born, her parents, John and Lisa, knew Adeline needed extra support. A friend who needed similar support for their child introduced the family to Belle Children’s Services, where six-month-old Adeline received vital early childhood therapies. Though they would not receive a diagnosis for her rare chromosomal condition until she was…

Autism Speaks Town Hall

The St. Louis Arc is excited to partner with Autism Speaks for a Transition to Adulthood Town Hall. On Thursday, August 8 a panel of experts will discuss how to begin planning for your child or teen with autism to transition to adulthood. In addition to local experts, the panel will also include an area…

Katharine Rug

Ask the Dietitian

A newly released study states that “people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have poorer health outcomes and are more at risk for a number of secondary health conditions compared to nondisabled people.” (Friedman, 2019)  This year the St. Louis Arc has set a goal of implementing a broad Nutrition Initiative focused on promoting healthy eating…

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Planning for Summer

It is difficult to begin thinking about summer when we’ve spent most of January battling cold, snow, and ice. For families of teens and young adults, however, summer is right around the corner. Summer programs are often hard to find, registrations are due early, and they tend to fill-up extremely fast. The St. Louis Arc…

Supported Decision Making

How did you make decisions in the last month? Did you get advice about a medical procedure, google information about car repairs, or talk to your best friend about a relationship issue? We all get support for decision-making. Why can’t the same be true for a person with a disability? An Alternative to Guardianship Arc…