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Connecting at the Neighborhood Beauty Shop

The Neighborhood Experiences summer project is a steppingstone for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, ages 16-21, on their way to employment. Arc participants serve as volunteers with organizations or businesses they are interested in and practice hard and soft employment skills while making meaningful community connections. Through this experience, 14-year-old Arc participant A’Leah discovered…

A coach points in the field, showing a softball player what to do.

Connecting on the Field

Dubbed our “ambassadors of fun,” St. Louis Arc’s volunteers are the backbone of many of our programs. In addition to having fun, Arc volunteers are shining examples of our core values – Respect, Collaboration, and Empowerment. As we celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Month, Kim H., a longtime volunteer, shared her story of volunteering with the Arc….

Camper doing crafts and smiling for the camera

Volunteering Continues Connection

Henry is a young and engaging young man who loves the St. Louis Arc’s R&R Camp program. For eight years, Henry spent several weekends a year participating in a variety of recreational and outdoor camp activities. He participated in arts and crafts, made friends, and enjoyed joking around with the camp counselors. This year, however,…

A professor holds a reflector board as a student stands next to him listening.

Connecting Through A Different Lens

Four years ago, a casual conversation about the power of photography sparked a unique community connection. Beth Moeller, Director of Community Living, and a member of the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum, were discussing how photography can give people another way of communicating. A collaboration began that provided individuals with autism or learning…


Community Connection with Support 

When Lucia began receiving services from the St. Louis Arc eight years ago, her goal was to move out of her parents’ home. The thought of finding a roommate, paying rent, and managing utilities seemed overwhelming at the time. However, through building her community connections, she has been successful! Today, Lucia and her new husband…

Three members smile in the front sits a woman with glasses, brown hair, and a purple shirt, in the back on the left is man with a long sleeve grey shirt, in the back right is a young man with brown hair, sunglasses on top of his head and a grey, white and black striped shirt.

Community Connection Through Dinner

For  the past 10 years, the Adults with Asperger’s support group has met monthly to build community and connection. Each month, the group meets at a local restaurant or a member’s home to engage with each other, meet new friends, and explore their community. Throughout the group’s existence, they have created a space that provides…