go the whole 9

Go the Whole 9 

FASD Awareness Month September 9 is recognized as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders FASD Awareness Day. This day, the 9th day of the 9th month, symbolizes the 9-months of pregnancy that a woman should remain alcohol free. Over the last decade, awareness efforts have grown and September is now set aside as International FASD month. The St. Louis Arc’s…

St. Louis Self-Advocates, sky background with hashtag Disability-Pride-SLSA and instructions to post a photo with a peace sign

Using Their Voices 

The St. Louis Self-Advocates, the Arc’s newest advocacy group, kicked off their summer programming in a big way. Hosting “St. Louis Self-Advocates Present: An Evening with Rep. Tracy McCreery”, the group took full advantage of the time policymakers spend working in their home districts. The young self-advocates invited local legislators to meet virtually for a question-and-answer session to ensure their voices were heard on various issues.    Advocating and…

Announcement from the Arc

Supported Decision-Making

“When Britney Spears chose this week to share her personal experience living under a conservatorship, she shined a national spotlight on the problems of guardianship systems and the damaging and potentially devastating impact they can have on people’s lives.”– Statement from Disability Justice and Supported Decision-Making Advocates This week, The Arc of the US joined…


Leading the Way

When you first meet Michkeal and Samantha, it is clear that they are leaders. These two young adults are friendly, open, and excited to meet new people – perfect traits to help lead a group to empower others and connect people. The St. Louis Self-Advocates is a new group founded through the Arc this past year. Their…


General Election Voting Options for 2020

The 2020 General Election is on Tuesday, November 3. Requests for a mail-in or absentee ballots are now available on the Missouri Voting and Elections page. Due to COVID-19 there are now several options for Missouri voters. The St. Louis Arc has addressed some common questions about the 2020 voting process. Frequently Asked Questions What…

National Disability Awareness Week Logo

National Disability Voter Registration Week

In the last presidential election, 35.4 million people with disabilities were eligible voters, according to Rutgers University. The St. Louis Arc wants to ensure that participants and their families have the information needed to vote in the 2020 elections. Each year the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) coordinates the REV UP Campaign –…

Sharon’s Tips and Tools

The St. Louis Arc provides information connecting families to resources in a variety of ways. From phone calls and email inquiries, to workshops and in-person meetings, family members and individuals with disabilities look to the Family Support team for resources and referrals daily. This spring we’ve begun sharing key resources through the use of video….

Human Rights Month

Each year Human Rights Month is recognized in December, honoring the month in which the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I vote because I like to choose my candidate

I Vote Because

This October the St. Louis Arc is joining other organizations in sharing the importance of voting in the November mid-term elections. Organizations around the nation are asking people to complete the statement “I vote because…”. Ann Mangelsdorf, assistant director of Family Support and Advocacy shares “it’s fun and inspiring to see what motivates people to…

Supported Decision Making

How did you make decisions in the last month? Did you get advice about a medical procedure, google information about car repairs, or talk to your best friend about a relationship issue? We all get support for decision-making. Why can’t the same be true for a person with a disability? An Alternative to Guardianship Arc…