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Thank You St. Louis Arc Nurses

With over 600 staff at the St. Louis Arc, we have many amazing people making a difference in the lives of those we support. This week we take the time to thank four of those amazing staff members, Alice, Sara, Mele, and Bernice our St. Louis Arc nurses!

These four caring nurses oversee the healthcare for roughly 35 people each at Dautel Circle. The nurses attend to day-to-day health concerns, while also ensuring compliance of annual doctors appointments and exams for each individual. When an individuals scheduled doctors appointment is expected to be complicated or detailed, the nurses will attend the appointments to help communicate to and advocate for our residents. The nurses will visit an individual they support if admitted to the hospital or a nursing facility. In short, our nurses go above and beyond their normal duties for our participants.

Alice, Sara, Mele, and Bernice, are all an integral part of what we do at the St. Louis Arc. Their willingness to be accessible to those they support, to the staff, and to the families shows in their daily interactions. The nurses at Dautel Circle train residential staff on the individual needs of those they support. They communicate with families when a loved one is dealing with a medical issue. They advocate for the individual, and pitch in to do whats needed and more in order to provide the best care and support.

Thank you to our nurses for everything you do for the St. Louis Arc and those we support!