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The St. Louis Arc is the provider of choice for many individuals with disabilities when it comes to employment. The Arcs Supported Employment team works with individuals through pre-employment, job discovery, exploration, development, coaching, and retention. The goal of our work is to help an individual not just find a job, but begin and excel in a career.

Employee of the Month

In the past year, the St. Louis Arc has supported eight individuals who have received Employee of the Month recognition by their employers. These employees have been dedicated, valued employees and were highlighted among their peers for the difference they make at their companies. Congratulations to these excellent employees who have excelled in their positions: Brett H., Chakeeta T., Elyse H., Matt T., Kieran T.,Sam Z., Tyler R., and Yachan L.

Partners in St. Louis

The Arc currently works closely with approximately 180 companies throughout St. Louis to ensure individuals with disabilities are set-up for success. From national corporations to hometown businesses, employers throughout St. Louis are partnering with the Arc to fill open positions. When a company hires an Arc participant, they see many benefits, such as reduced turnover and recruitment costs, enhanced team environment, positive public image and customer loyalty, diversified workforce, tax credits, and more.

The St. Louis Arc is constantly creating relationships with area employers to help build their work force with reliable employees. Learn more about partnering with the St. Louis Arc to find qualified candidates to fill open positions in your company.