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In the summer of 2017, the St. Louis Arc introduced a new program, Aging With Empowerment (AWE). The AWE program was designed to better meet the needs of older individuals with developmental disabilities. The program encourages older adults to explore interests, build relationships, and remain active in the community.

New to North County

The St. Louis Arc is excited to announce the opening of a new Aging With Empowerment (AWE) day program site. The new location, AWE North, is scheduled to open late-summer off of Dunn Road near highway 270. Since opening the original AWE location, we have seen the people we support thrive, says Jessica Gantner, Assistant Director of AWE. AWE is an environment that encourages frequent community access, meaningful skill-building opportunities, and added-value educational and therapeutic experiences. The program also provides the mobility, medical, and dementia-related supports that individuals require to be successful. We are so excited to support the same opportunities in the Hazelwood area.

About AWE

The Arc is committed to supporting people as they age. Whether an individual has never attended a day program, or has stopped going because it was too demanding, they can find their place at AWE. AWE offers individuals flexibility, choice, and the opportunity to stay engaged. Individuals in AWE enjoy:

  • Getting connected with their community
  • Building relationships with peers
  • Maintaining and learning a variety of skills

Dementia Capable Program

Both of the AWE facilities, along with the training for AWE staff members, are designed to be dementia capable. A dementia capable program means that an individual with dementia will be set up for success through an understanding environment and quality supports. We strive to support people with dementia for as long as they wish to be supported.

Learn More

To learn more about the AWE programs, contact Jessica Gantner, Assistant Director, Aging With Empowerment St. Louis Arc, at (314) 810-1181.

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  1. 1
    Ericka Strong on June 27, 2019

    What are the age requirements?

    1. 2
      Niki Parres on June 27, 2019

      Our AWE program doesn’t have a set age requirement. Interested individuals would work with Jessica Gantner to talk through the program and see if it was a fit. We currently have a Community Engagement (CE) site in the same location, so if someone wasn’t a good match for AWE they could be a fit for CE.

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