CONNECTING to Your Community

If you stopped into the Rock Hill Trainwreck Saloon on a Friday in early May, you may not have thought it any different than any other Friday. There were people chatting, eating, or watching a game on TV. However, on this particular Friday, 35 people from our Meet Up group were spread across eight tables. They were there getting to know each other, sharing a meal, socializing, and having fun.  Among the laughter a few phone numbers were exchanged. Who knows if that may or may not lead to new friendships, roommates, or possibly romance?

What is a Meet Up? 

In our fast paced lives, isolation is a common barrier to achieving the social life we all want.  People are looking for safe, in-person ways to come together, meet new friends, and share common experiences.  Through the St. Louis Arc’s CONNECT program, we are able to facilitate Meet Ups that provide a safe space for this to happen. Meet Ups are available throughout the St. Louis community and include social outings, such as ours, in addition to a multitude of other groups that offer everything from book clubs and outdoor activities to games and cooking!

In June, CONNECT has eight social Meet Ups scheduled, mostly at restaurants around town.  Soon we will be adding an afternoon of gaming, along with a trip to the TechShop in the Cortex complex.  Whether you are an adult with a disability, a parent, or a friend and ally, you are welcome to join us!
For information about the upcoming Meet Ups, visit our site at

You will have to sign up through Facebook, Google or with an active email address to view and RSVP for the CONNECT Meet Ups.