Grace Mehan at Duffy's Pub and Grill

For the past six years, the St. Louis Arc has partnered with the St. Louis Symphony and Maryville University Music Therapy program for Creative Music Making. Grace Mehan, a long time Arc participant shared her experience as a musician in this year’s program.

My Experience in Creative Music Making

I was one of the many musicians in last week’s Creative Music Making program at Powell Hall. Lots of great people came together to plan and perform the program — 20 Maryville University Music Therapy Program students, 40 St. Louis Arc participants, and six St. Louis Symphony musicians. We made beautiful music together and we had so much FUN!

Three groups — green, yellow, and red — worked on their own music. I was in the yellow group. Our program was called “Movements,” and we sang and played What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction and All Star by Smash Mouth (that name makes me laugh). We were all stars! When all the groups sang, played instruments, and danced together we performed Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. We were all awesome!

I hope you caught the show, and if not we better see you next year!

-Grace Mehan, a Creative Music Making musician and fan