When first meeting the Seger family, most people will be immediately drawn to the energetic, smiling young brothers. These boys are typical brothers – they argue, are competitive, they play fight, and they watch out for each other.

The Seger family has been part of the St. Louis Arc since 2013. Both Tanner and Dominic have developmental disabilities and physical disabilities that require therapies, including physical, occupational, and music therapies. Mom and dad, Kim and Chris, reached out to the St. Louis Arc for support. The day the family began the Capable Kids and Family (CKF) program, was the day that changed the trajectory of the boys’ lives.

The CKF program is designed to promote early intervention activities by providing children (ages 0-6) and families with developmentally appropriate toys and therapeutic equipment free-of-charge; and facilitating network building and supportive friendships among parents.

With the help of their loving parents, and the St. Louis Arc, these two brothers have both overcome their different challenges. The CKF program provided the boys with various toys and equipment to help develop their gross motor skills, build strength in their core, arms and legs, and develop their speech. The boys gained more confidence in their abilities, and Kim felt relief in being able to send them to school more prepared and able to communicate with their teachers and peers. The CKF program also helped the Seger’s gain access to community resources including other organizations that could provide additional activities for Tanner and Dominic. The support specialist also helped find grant money for bicycles and wheelchair ramps to make their home more accessible.

Even through the brothers have ‘aged out’ of the CKF program, the family is still connected with the Arc through the respite care program.  Respite care provides reimbursement for in-home support by a qualified care provider, so parents can take time to re-energize, engage in hobbies, or network and reconnect with friends while knowing their loved ones are being cared for and are safe.  As Tanner and Dominic get older, they are excited to begin participating in R&R Camp and other upcoming St. Louis Arc family activities and programs. The St. Louis Arc looks forward to being a part of the Seger Family for many more years.