A young man sits in a chair at work

Pre-employment training goes beyond teaching job-specific skills. It aims to develop well-rounded individuals who are confident, joyful, and equipped with a range of employment skills. At the St. Louis Arc, the Pre-Employment Training program is a one-year program that helps individuals grow and refine their skills to work toward successful employment.

Building Skills

The program covers essential skills such as interview techniques, job application completion, and building relationships with supervisors and co-workers. Participants have the opportunity to practice these skills in a work environment that aligns with their interests. While the ultimate goal is competitive employment, the program also addresses all aspects of an individual’s life, striving to ensure both success and happiness in the workplace.

At the Arc, Pre-Employment Training is a collaborative effort to foster confidence and social skills, enabling participants to find fulfillment in themselves and their work. The program includes an assessment phase, virtual classes, and internships to learn, build, and practice skills.

Finding Employment

Eddie, a former participant in St. Charles, was able to find success in the program. During the assessment phase, he explored multiple areas of interest. Through his participation in virtual classes, Eddie was able to grow his social and professional communication skills while building relationships with his peers.

His first internship at Goodwill allowed Eddie to expand his coping skills and take on increased responsibility. With new skills developed, he advocated for an interest in working at a movie theater. The practice he took part in during virtual classes directly translated to his internship site and was noticed by his job coach and supervisor. After his hard work and devotion to his training shifts, Eddie was able to transfer all of his skills learned to a paid position.

Pre-employment training at the St. Louis Arc provides individuals with the necessary skills and support to thrive in the workplace, fostering both personal and professional growth. This program is geared for adults 18 years old and older living in St. Louis County and St. Charles County. For additional information contact Taylor Hartmann, Assistant Director of Pre-Employment Services, at 314-817-2225.