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Often when we discuss “pre-employment training” people tend to think of assisting an individual in learning how to do a job. However, there’s more than that. Once an individual has been awarded a job, the employer might want them to take part in a course like this or they might want to run some background checks on the new employee to ensure they will be a reliable member of the team. Recently, checking credit history has become popular amongst employers, this might be because it shows that the individual is sensible with money. To ensure you get that job, you might want to look at ways to improve your credit score. One way is to use credit cards to build your credit profile, however, there are many other ways too. With checks complete, employers may then decide that this employment program might be beneficial for staff members to ensure they fit right in. When you have a confident, joyful, well-rounded individual, you are more likely to have a successful and satisfied employee.

Pre-Employment Training Program

The St. Louis Arc’s Pre-Employment Training program is a one year training program which helps individuals develop and grow their employment skills. Skills include interviewing techniques, how to complete a job application, and developing relationships with supervisors and co-workers. Many individuals will practice these skills in a work environment that reflects their interests. Many will also learn about the pre employment checks australia, or indeed anywhere in the world they intend to go, so that they are prepared for all factors related to going into the workforce. While the overall goal of the program is to help the individual gain competitive employment, the program also encompasses all aspects of an individual’s life. We strive to assist a person to not only be successful, but also happy in their workplace.

Pre-Employment Training can be an array of support that may be directly and indirectly related to what people think of as traditional employment skills. We challenge each individual, and the Employment Specialist working with them, to think outside the box. For example, if an individual would like to work on feeling comfortable talking with co-workers and meeting more people at work, we take this opportunity to teach these social skills, or even consider putting them through a public speaking course. The skills are taught in a transferable way that can be used both in a workplace setting and in everyday interactions.

At the Arc, Pre-Employment is not just learning tasks and getting a job. It’s working with the individual to build confidence and social skills, so they are happy with themselves and happy with the job they are doing. We all strive to be the best person we can be and the best employee we can be. Pre-Employment Training is putting that concept into action for our participants.

Learn more about our program, first hand from those involved.

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