The St. Louis Arc would be unable to provide the quality programs and supports we offer without the help of the hundreds of volunteers who give their time each year. As with many things over the last year, volunteering during the pandemic has brought both challenges and opportunities. So, when everything came screeching to a halt last March, the Arc’s volunteer program was forced to think creatively.

A small but mighty group of volunteers have continued to volunteer throughout the pandemic. Volunteers have been able to offer tech support during Zoom classes, safely participate in projects and programs outdoors, and have sent cards and masks. Many of the Arc’s long-term volunteers, some of whom have volunteered with us for more than 20 years, continue to call and write just to check-in, say hello, and send well wishes.

The Arc is truly grateful for all of our volunteers. From their moral support to their creativity and dedication this year, we say Thank You!

Recently the Arc’s Volunteer Manager, Megan Eader, sat down for the weekly Q&A Session to talk about Volunteer Appreciation Month. Visit our Facebook page for more informational videos.

Learn more about volunteering with the St. Louis Arc now or in the future!