A woman sitting at a table with a game board.

Aging Adults in North County

In the summer of 2017, the St. Louis Arc introduced a new program, Aging With Empowerment (AWE). The AWE program was designed to better meet the needs of older individuals with developmental disabilities. The program encourages older adults to explore interests, build relationships, and remain active in the community. New to North County The St….

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Exploring Art

This spring the St. Louis Arcs Community Engagement (CE) program held an eight-week art class for participants. Spearheaded by the Far West CE site, the program enrolled 25 individuals in the class, representing all six of the CE and AWE sites. Each class began with a review of the materials being used: brushes, canvas, and…

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Residential Opportunities

Finding a place to call home can be a challenging process. We can help. The St. Louis Arc is currently looking for adults who are seeking a unique residential opportunity. We offer experiences that maximize an individuals independence, while providing 24-hour support to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Residential options with the St. Louis…

Supported Decision Making

How did you make decisions in the last month? Did you get advice about a medical procedure, google information about car repairs, or talk to your best friend about a relationship issue? We all get support for decision-making. Why cant the same be true for a person with a disability? An Alternative to Guardianship Arc…

Two men are playing golf on a green.

Celebrating 30 Years of Golf

This summer the St. Louis Arcs Leisure Services celebrated 30 years of its highly popular golf program. The program began in 1988 at the suggestion of volunteer John Russell. John worked with Arc staff, as well as Mike Miller from Paradise Valley Golf Course to get the program up and running. Thirty years later, the…

St. Louis Arc Strategic Plan 2019-2022

What is Strategic Planning? Strategic planning is a process used by nonprofit agencies, businesses, and organizations, which empowers agencies to review and evaluate programs while planning for the future. The process provides an opportunity to reassess services and ensure that an agency is doing their best to fulfill their mission. Every four years, the St….

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Superheroes for Kids

On Thursday, April 19 over 400 guests assembled for a cosmic cocktail party benefiting the St. Louis Arc. The 2018 Superheroes for Kids event, presented by World Wide Technology, Lion Forge, and Steward Family Foundation, raised more than $275,000 for Arc programs. KMOXs Charlie Brennan served as the evenings emcee, narrating the adventures of the…

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Tacky Prom for a Cause

On Friday, January 19 over 600 people gathered at St. Louis University High School for the St. Louis Arcs annual Friends and Family Trivia Night. The trivia night was first hosted in 2002 to benefit Belle Childrens Services. Seventeen years later, the trivia night raised a record amount of $32,000 for Childrens Services at the…